Founded in 1997, FX3X has grown to become the biggest vfx/animation house in South East Europe, with quality and capacity to take on some of the best visuals out there.


THE FX3X TEAM numbers over 200 people, with dedicated teams for roto/paint, matchmove, comp, CG asset build, light/ render, animation, simulation, Motion Capture, POST/DI and production. It is a perfect blend of homegrown and talent with international experience, most of it on blockbuster feature films and TV series, always up for the next challenge and always eager to excel. Whether it is a complex hero shot, a highly detailed hero CG Creature, an ultra real simulation, or extremely precise roto/paint/matchmove element, our team always delivers, on time and on budget. That’s why our team moto is:

“Star Performance without the Star Attitude”


KRISTIJAN DANILOVSKI Co-founded the company in 1997 and is leading its international business development and growth. An EMMY nominee, Member of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences and Member of the Visual Effects Society.
MILIVOJE GJORGJEVIKJ Co-founded the company in 1997 and in charge of corporate operations. Coproducer of 10 feature films. Member of Advisory Board of the Film Agency in Macedonia.


Full sequence work service facility, with a capacity to for quick, efficient and cost effective turnaround of sequences. From On Set VFX Supervision, to final sequence delivery, whether it is the final giant robots battle in the desert, the destruction of the city or the big medieval CG army, we’ve done it all…

…but we also we can do perfect work on elements like:
comp and CG integration,
matte paint/set extension,
fluid dynamics simulations (Destruction/Sand/Fire/Explosions/Water)
Digi Doubles,
Digi Crowds/battles,
CG Assets build,
Motion Capture/Performance Capture/Cleanup

Experienced Team, Top Quality, Very Competitive Pricing, Western Visual Aesthetics, Great Work Ethics, 20% Production Rebate

Extremely flexible and reliable, we are fluent in Cinesync, Shotgun, Aspera, Skype for Business, Polycom Video HD conf calls, or whatever the client prefers, over our dual independent optical high bandwidth internet lines. VPN is always available per request.


MPAA compliant with multiple on site audits by most of the studios. No internet access on the working network, keycard access – authorized personnel only, 24hr on-site security, regular incremental backups, independent backup power facility wide, come as standard with our facility.


With up to 20% refundable production rebate on gross spend in Macedonia, combined with the already competitive pricing will enable a great package of high quality at a very competitive cost. We can effectively help you take advantage of all the rebate you can get and do all of the document filing and give you full assistance on the financial side of your VFX production.